About the company

Ekspertis company is present on the market since 2005. We have developed the range of our
activities during many years of existence. As a team of experts specialized in various areas we offer
You the complex service of the whole building process, from the architectural idea, through the
building and working design and construction, to the object control during the operation stage, i.e.
Project Management in a broad sense.

The core of our team are the engineers of many years of professional experience, having the titles of
the building experts, unlimited building authorization in each specialization, membership in
Engineers and Experts Society SIDiR.

The tam experience, large scientific background, cooperation with national experts, and very good
company equipment allow us to face even the hardest problems.

As a team of professionals we offer the intellectual services and consulting for the building
investment as the creators of designs, managers of construction works, inspectors of the investor’s
supervision, and during the building tests.

Our crew of experienced designers allows us to assure high level of our projects. Our architects
design objects which are durable, functional, aesthetic, and environmental-friendly. Our engineers,
beside the role of team members preparing the branch designs, are the trustworthy consultants
during each stage of the investment process, sensitive to the architectural, administrative, formal,
and economic aspects. Keeping in mind the expensiveness of the building investment process we pay
special attention to optimization of the assumed design solutions and budget.

Beside the mentioned problems we also offer support for the companies working in realization of
investments in the public sector according to the Public Procurement Law or contracts based upon
FIDIC procedures. We also offer the consulting services in range of technical support, preparation of
tenders, project management, and claims.